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Cherry Blossoms Blow In the wind The Breeze licking the crest of the mountain The Hazy glow of the sun fallen behind the hills The Promise of Completion that the end of the day brings Evidence of the world and all its inhabitants winding down for their slumber While others are preparing to awaken for their night of productivity The nocturnal life of the creatures of the night Here I lay, on the outcropping of my home, tucked away in the mountains Secret from the world, or at least those who would destroy MY world. Peace and Harmony are the name of the game in this place.  The Land Unclaimed by those not in sync with nature. My Nirvana, My Heaven, My Promised Land, My Sri Lanka, My Heart.  Just as slumber seems to overtake me, The call of the yeti singing to the moon awakens me with a start. Looking up I see the moon with a ring circled round it. Moments later, pillowy clouds, glowing from the moon’s light, Burst with a sudden downpour. The monkeys come out to play in the warm rain. Just as I rise to dance among the trees and animals,  A meteor shower brightens the sky with fireworks. . I fly into the sky and hitch a ride on a falling star.  The flying Lemurs beside me, We land in the sea. Breathing under the water, I dance with the sharks and mermaids,  sparkling underneath the illuminated  sky. I climb up out of the water, onto a glacier that had drifted far from home.  I climb to the top of the icy mountain, and find a bunch of penguins,  All in a group sleeping. Ever so quietly, I sneek up close to them, and scream “ROAR” They all awaken and look to see me making a silly face. Suddenly a whale Jumps a hundred feet out of the water, landing right on top of the glacier. I hop on and say “Let’s go.” It leaps off the top and For a moment, we fly, then SPLASH back into the sea. Just as we surface, the sun rises, and the Dolphins Jump to touch the sun,  

I used to intentionally miss the bus top at my house, just so that i could hang out with some friends. We would climb a huge tree, where later, we ended up building a tree house… we used to compare genitals there… *sigh* those were the days… so innocent… yet full of nudity… LMAO

yeah yeah… :(

you can’t fix people,

you just can’t save them.

you can’t glue back the pieces,

nor can you rearrange them.

you can’t teach what cant be shown,

cuz they will never learn the lesson,

because the happiness is blown,

and everything ends in depression.

everything that’s ever mattered,

has always walked right out the door,

its all blown apart and shattered,

and it leaves you wanting more.

all our parents and our teachers,

have imaginary power.

all our coworkers and preachers.

aren’t worth a single hour.

its vicious and repeating

and its source just cant be found

my energy is depleting

and nobody is around.

My mind is always hurting,

my heart is under attack.

this poetry is ending, roll credits,

and fade to black.


It is always around 3am that I start to miss you the most. I no longer am in the same house, and therefore, i can no longer look at my window and wait for you. I close my eyes and there i am. Back in my old bed. lying on the covers. listening, waiting. afraid to breath for fear i might miss it. then there it is. Tap Tap. My heart races. You are here. and that is all I need. I can open the window, and everything is fine, cuz you can hold me and sleep there so peacefully and perfectly, and You are mine till the sun comes up, and you have to run back home. I hold you, and know that i cant open my eyes, cuz then i am not in my bed anymore… and you are gone…

You use me,

Bruise me,

and abuse me,

Take me,

Break me,

then Erase me,

Flip me,

hit me,

Can’t quite quit me,

Push me,

shove me,

just can’t love me.

Chase me,

race me,

then Displace me,

Hold me,

scold me,

please uphold me.

Rape me,

bait me,


and shape me.

See me,

hear me,

Speak not of me.

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